Bee Season
building a desert

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the top ten:

1. Bert Wootton - Sequel

2. Tom Knox - Eleventh Hour

3. Ryan Sublette - Depression Session

4. Donovon Piscopo - Chronicles 2

5. Billy McFeely - Solo Jazz

6. Mark Suciu - Search The Horizon

7. Matt Militano - \m/

8. Dalton Jones - I Can See Your Socks

9. Kilian Zehnder - LiveLifeSkate

10. Daryl Angel - Chronicles 2

and eleven more, in no particular order:

Ryan Sublette - Couchlock Odyssey

Ishod Wair - Wair N Tear

Ben Krahn - Wizard Bloody Wizard

Taylor Bingaman - CSFU

Ben Raybourn - Thrasher

Brian Delatorre - Search The Horizon

Ben Kadow - \m/

Danny Brady - Palace

Ben Gore - Magenta

Erick Winkowski - SD to NY

Bob Burnquist - Backyard Progression

top albums of 2013

King Kule - 6 Feet Beneath the Moon
Lil Ugly Mane - Three Sided Tape Volume One
18 Carat Affair - Trauma Based Programming
Washed Out - Paracosm
Thee Oh Sees - Floating Coffin

there should probably be more than five things on here but what do you want me to do, apologize for absentmindedness? i listened to enema of state and milo goes to college two hundred times each this summer, cut me some slack clearly i’ve got issues

rip bloody webbing, flesh metal laced antsy and vagrant wealth of mind, you can be a bottle opener

Are you sure you don’t have any more in the back room

Hi, how’s it going!

Yes, yes, long wait

but not so bad;

I’ve got the Nexus.

I’ve come all the way

from Vancouver

just to pick up

some cookie butter.

I know I should have

called on my way

to put a case

of the stuff on hold,

but now I arrive

and what’s this here?

An empty shelf!

I think I might faint.

Us Canadians

like to make plans

for this Monday’s

Holiday, you know.

It’s Armistice Day.

Not sure if you

have anything

like this in the States.

Anyways, my kids,

they love this stuff.

My wife does, too.

Eats it every day.

Are you positive

it’s all sold out?

No more today?

I’m from Vancouver.

We’ve tried the off-brands;

they’re not the same,

so watery.

The kids can’t stand it.

So you’re telling me

tomorrow’s toast

will have to be

spread with something else?

This is just no good.

Are there any

other places

that carry this stuff?

Where’s the next closest

Trader Joe’s to

Bellingham? I’m

on quite the mission.

How far is Everett?

Oh no, oh dear

I can’t swing that.

Oh gosh, oh my gosh.

Do you deliver?

Can you ship some

overnight? No?

I was afraid not…

Hey, thanks for your help.

But just maybe

you could find some

hiding in the back?

Surely there’s a chance

that somewhere in

that big stock room

there’s a misplaced box?

I know crazy stuff

always happens.

Things get misplaced.

It would mean the world,

thank you so much, “Ray.”

Maybe you just

got your shipment!

I’ll just wait right here.

That didn’t take long…

None? Are you sure?

This is no good,

this is not my day.

Well, shoot. What a drag.

Thanks for checking.

Oh, and also

where is your popcorn?

Who knew? A true masterpiece was broken. Is fractured. The whole hectic world. Lives piled high. Industry and thrift. Broken windows. Shattered spaces, urban rubble. You were a bridge collapse. An ocean of wrecks. Running from an altar. Bathing in flames. All expenses paid. Death became her. Somewhere, a fuse blew. Infused with found frustration. Slashed with ferocity. Death became her.

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